Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Already

Well, it's been so long since I blogged. I can't believe it's Memorial Day already! We survived the cold, snowy winter and the chilly, wet spring. I'm glad it's Summer but I hate the bugs! We have hoards of mayflies here that just drive me crazy when I try to work in the garden. Yup, I got my bug spray lol.

I haven't been stitching that often, but I did manage to finish my last part in the round robin group I was in in America's Best RR. It's a great group of gals that were in my robin and they all stitch well. It is such a pleasure to stitch with others that are attentive to their work and not sloppy :) Unfortunately, I am very anal retentive about my stitching and making sure they are well done. Here's a pic of the part I stitched along with the whole piece:

Funny story about this particular cross stitch, I had this piece and sent it away because I got bored with working on it - I had stitched the duck and the frog and some of the grass and offered it up for free. Well, apparently I must have had some stitching Karma to catch up with, as I got it back! It was nice to stitch. Cute.

Right now I'm in between projects - I guess searching for the next Dragon Dreams to hit me over the head :)

As far as the yard goes, I split up 2 of my daylilies from the back and I planted them in the front of the house. We have a new dark purple lilac that a customer of ours swore up and down wouldn't flower, lo and behold, we planted it, Miracle-Gro'd it, and it has small flowers this year already. Go figure. I am glad I have a green thumb LOL!

I have some new perennials for the front bed with my little pear tree - I also transplanted my coneflowers from the back to that front bed. This isn't a really recent pic, but from a few weeks ago. Everything is in bloom now so it will be quite a difference when I get to upload some new ones!

Well, I'm off to cook myself a steak - in a house with a vegetarian and a non-steak eater - fine by me!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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