Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Already

Well, it's been so long since I blogged. I can't believe it's Memorial Day already! We survived the cold, snowy winter and the chilly, wet spring. I'm glad it's Summer but I hate the bugs! We have hoards of mayflies here that just drive me crazy when I try to work in the garden. Yup, I got my bug spray lol.

I haven't been stitching that often, but I did manage to finish my last part in the round robin group I was in in America's Best RR. It's a great group of gals that were in my robin and they all stitch well. It is such a pleasure to stitch with others that are attentive to their work and not sloppy :) Unfortunately, I am very anal retentive about my stitching and making sure they are well done. Here's a pic of the part I stitched along with the whole piece:

Funny story about this particular cross stitch, I had this piece and sent it away because I got bored with working on it - I had stitched the duck and the frog and some of the grass and offered it up for free. Well, apparently I must have had some stitching Karma to catch up with, as I got it back! It was nice to stitch. Cute.

Right now I'm in between projects - I guess searching for the next Dragon Dreams to hit me over the head :)

As far as the yard goes, I split up 2 of my daylilies from the back and I planted them in the front of the house. We have a new dark purple lilac that a customer of ours swore up and down wouldn't flower, lo and behold, we planted it, Miracle-Gro'd it, and it has small flowers this year already. Go figure. I am glad I have a green thumb LOL!

I have some new perennials for the front bed with my little pear tree - I also transplanted my coneflowers from the back to that front bed. This isn't a really recent pic, but from a few weeks ago. Everything is in bloom now so it will be quite a difference when I get to upload some new ones!

Well, I'm off to cook myself a steak - in a house with a vegetarian and a non-steak eater - fine by me!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monopoly Update

This is what I got accomplished as of Tuesday, Feb 10th...........

This is a picture I took of it yesterday, Saturday Feb 14th:
Not bad progress!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dragon Dreams Finish

I finally got this finished on Wednesday, Feb 5th. So now I have moved on to finishing the Castle and Roses piece that I am going to turn into our wedding sampler. Maybe I'll be able to get it finished before the 10th - mostly backstitching and little fill in pieces. It's a Stoney Creek design so lots of detail and color changes.

I also received my Monopoly pattern in the mail today - so exciting! I have had the fabric all ready and I started stitching this today, starting with the "Go" square. The pattern calls for blue DMC 799 for the border around the board, but since this is going to be a family item (we're going to mount this piece in a coffee table), Scott and I decided on the royal blue DMC 3842 instead for the border. So far, I've gotten Mediterrean completed, the GO square and most of the border for the Community Chest square done. I thought it was going to be boring doing all of the straight stitching but it is fun to see the Monopoly board develop! Pictures to come....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

I got an email from Stitches N Things and it cracked me up - they are again having their annual "In Honor Of The Football Game Deb Had To Google To Find Out Who Was Playing" sale ROFL.
I have to say, this year I don't care one iota about the silly Superbowl, but my in-laws throw great food partys and that's enough for me :)

Yesterday I took a shot of my "stitching corner" in the kitchen where my buffet is - it's a little jumbled right now, but you get the jist :)
This is the left hand corner of the kitchen, looking out. You can probably see through the windows, the living room beyond. I have all of my binders with leaflets, loose kits, etc. in the buffet, a whole bunch of completed pieces in the top flat drawer that won't fit into my smaller plastic tote. The tote on the chair is my WIP and UFO box, my other boxes are scattered about the living room at this point. As you can see, I love cows.
Last night I worked on the border for Dragon of the Deeps. It's surreal to me that this piece is going to be finished in the near future. Yea!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Driveway IS Plowed!

Can you believe it? LOL the driveway is plowed! Scott caught the farmer, Jimmy, that has lived across from my dad (a mile down the road from me) his whole life to come up and dig us out with his tractor. OMG I'm so excited I don't have to walk across a huge snowbank to get to the car (behind the car is the road and I apologize for this picture, my husband grabbed the camera before I could!):



I took a picture of the Dragon Dreams ornament that I kitted up to get started - I got the basting done around the fabric and got Santa's face stitched, although it's so light it's hard to see. So cute!

I got up this morning, my shoulder and back still sore from pushing out the first plow guy (see story on previous blog entry entitled "I Officially Hate Winter" ROFL!), and realized I was out of every drug I could possibly have. No Ultracet (which I've been taking daily for 6 years), out of Percocet and any hydro's. Oh Lord. Luckily one of my friends has hydro's and he ran a few over to get me through until I can get a refill. I don't go back to my doctor until February 20th, and I did call the prescription nurse the other day for refills, but I never got a call from the pharmacy, so that tells me they haven't done anything with my message yet. For those that don't know me, I started out in 2001 with a torn rotator cuff and I had surgery to repair that and for them to shave off some of the bone on my shoulder because it was cutting into a nerve. Here it is 2009 and I still have a torn rotator cuff, well, torn again rather; the morale of the story is if I don't have medication, I am worthless to even be motivated out of my chair and can't concentrate enough to stitch. So our friend Mike saved me this weekend.

I'm going to post some pictures later of the cleaned up driveway - it's always good for a laugh to see how much snow we actually have. It's ridiculous here. We have a bank that is literally 20 feet high. Ugh.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Received A Package Today

I received my order from 123 stitch today :) The Santa's Dragon chart from Dragon Dreams, Brittercup Designs Britty Kitty VI, a piece of white 18 ct (for the Monopoly board) 30 x 36, and a piece of tea dyed Monaco 18 x 30 (which I don't remember what I ordered it for now - I'll have to go back in my blog and check!), along with the 3 stupid Kreiniks I needed - blue, emerald, and light blue. Well, now I can make myself get to work on Dragon of the Deeps and get all the boring boring boring detail work finished up so I can mark it as "DONE"!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Officially Hate Winter

Sorry to be so negative, but today is the day I officially hate Winter. The car got stuck in the driveway twice today. The first time my husband called his buddy to come pull us out, what fun, the second time, luckily, we pushed it out. There is literally more than 2 feet of snow in my driveway. I ripped the only pair of jeans I had left, so now buying a new pair is a necessity and I'm not too fond of shopping, either!

Then we found a plow guy, after calling the 3 backup plow guys (even though we own 2 plows attached to 2 Ford plow trucks - one is dead in the driveway with no hope of recovery and the second one is stuck in Frankfort, about a good hour from here), this guy shows up with a truck older than ours (hard to believe) and the plow is 10x worse than either of ours.........and this guy gets stuck in the damn driveway. My husband and I spent a good hour pushing and shoveling him out, along with this plow guy, Scott's got a bad back and I have a torn rotator cuff. If not for both of us pushing, it would have never gotten out. How Frigging Ridiculous.

Regardless, now I have a "parking spot" at the end of my driveway, enough to get the car out of the road, and a freaking snow bank in the middle of the driveway. I hate Winter.

I did manage to reschedule my appointment with my pain clinic for my shoulder this afternoon, but the bad news is that they can't get me in until February 20th. I did leave a message for the prescription nurse, as I am totally out of Ultracet and have been out of Percocet for a month now. All that pushing killed me and I took my last Ultracet a little while ago.

Going to try to find enough motivation to stitch, maybe that will put me in a better mood.

Update 1:34am - I managed to finish up another ornament I was working on from Lynn's Prints - Outside My Window :) I am in a bit better mood, watching an old episode of Paranormal State and then hitting the pillow! I'll put some pictures of the *~*ridiculous*~* driveway up tomorrow - we can all have a good laugh!