Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Officially Hate Winter

Sorry to be so negative, but today is the day I officially hate Winter. The car got stuck in the driveway twice today. The first time my husband called his buddy to come pull us out, what fun, the second time, luckily, we pushed it out. There is literally more than 2 feet of snow in my driveway. I ripped the only pair of jeans I had left, so now buying a new pair is a necessity and I'm not too fond of shopping, either!

Then we found a plow guy, after calling the 3 backup plow guys (even though we own 2 plows attached to 2 Ford plow trucks - one is dead in the driveway with no hope of recovery and the second one is stuck in Frankfort, about a good hour from here), this guy shows up with a truck older than ours (hard to believe) and the plow is 10x worse than either of ours.........and this guy gets stuck in the damn driveway. My husband and I spent a good hour pushing and shoveling him out, along with this plow guy, Scott's got a bad back and I have a torn rotator cuff. If not for both of us pushing, it would have never gotten out. How Frigging Ridiculous.

Regardless, now I have a "parking spot" at the end of my driveway, enough to get the car out of the road, and a freaking snow bank in the middle of the driveway. I hate Winter.

I did manage to reschedule my appointment with my pain clinic for my shoulder this afternoon, but the bad news is that they can't get me in until February 20th. I did leave a message for the prescription nurse, as I am totally out of Ultracet and have been out of Percocet for a month now. All that pushing killed me and I took my last Ultracet a little while ago.

Going to try to find enough motivation to stitch, maybe that will put me in a better mood.

Update 1:34am - I managed to finish up another ornament I was working on from Lynn's Prints - Outside My Window :) I am in a bit better mood, watching an old episode of Paranormal State and then hitting the pillow! I'll put some pictures of the *~*ridiculous*~* driveway up tomorrow - we can all have a good laugh!


  1. I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I'd be mad too if I had all that to deal with. Hope things go better tomorrow!

  2. What a pain! I hope you can get the snow cleared out eventually. We got a foot of snow ourselves here in Idaho.

  3. I'll join your *I officially hate winter* club. We have had one day (well 12 hours) where it has been above freezing in the last 25 days. What happened to our January thaw? Your cardinal project looks very pretty!