Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Covers Back Over My Head

Stitching-wise - I've been working on and off on Dragon of the Deeps and getting some of the border done. It's soooooo boring.
I can't find the other 2 Santa's and dragons that I stitched, although I put them together somewhere. I've been looking for these 2 small pieces for 2 days. I need to know what color aida I did them on so I can match it. I bought Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments (2007) on Ebay, as this is the only issue I was missing, so I could complete the small "trilogy" of the Dragon Dreams ornaments. I plan on making a bell pull with the three.
Oh boy. Should have definitely done that today and not left my bedroom! This is the story if anyone is interested, it's a little amusing, may be more amusing to me tomorrow though:
I got up at 6am and let all the dogs out. This is not as easy as it sounds -
You know, open the door, let them troop out, let them back in -
Oh I Wish:
1 - Lock up the pitbull in the computer room.
Trying to lock up Doob in the computer room takes about 3 full minutes with barking and bouncing and dogs and cats skidding and sliding everywhere.
It's insane here.
2 - Border Collies go out first together.
Where's Brodie? Oh yeah - forgot Brodie was in the kids room last night when I locked up Cheeseburger Fred the Cat b/c he was being rambunctious.
Go to the kids room and Cattle, Brodie and Cheeseburger are all sitting pretty looking at me, Mr Fred perched like an owl on top of the Christmas boxes (that haven't been put back in the attic yet), looking at me upside down like a fool!
So out comes that troop.
Outside they go.
Last night Brodie disappeared into the snowbank - he leapt over it and *plunk* he was gone LOL!
3 - On my way to get dog bones from the cupboard while they are outside.
Sadie is barking like a maniac at 6am.
Back to the door I go.
In come the Border Collies skidding and sliding as now the bottoms of their feet are icicles.
Give these dogs bones.
4 - Go to the computer room the whole time saying "Sadie SHHH shut up Sadie Shhhhh!".
If you haven't figured by now, Sadie constantly talks.
Doob is waiting to spring on me.
Open the door and pitbull on the hip.
Now he is bouncing from wall to wall and shaking the house.
Sadie is being a pest and pushing open the computer room door with her nose.
Out into the house bounces Doob.
Finally, I make him sit before I open the door, and he springs off the porch landing into the garage.
His feet don't even hit the stairs.
5 - Here I am back at the front door watching Doob with 2 Border Collie noses pressed up against the glass with me.
10 minutes and five pitbull pee-s later, now the stupid dog wants to play.
Doob can now only bounce continuously through the yard because it's too deep for him.
The brown Tigger. OMG - what a sight!
I finally get him back inside, all the while threatening the dog what I'm going to do to him if he doesn't get his fat head back in the house (yes - my neighbors really believe I am the crazy lady across the street).
This is why I went back to bed LOL.
I don't take stress well in the mornings!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your morning story, it sounds alot like my house also! Dogs and cats and turtles running around like crazy you'd think they had been locked up for days! They are sooo happy in the morning.
    Happy stitching (if they let you)

  2. Thank you for making this dragon laugh so hard that she almost fell off her office chair! I remember slogging through the border on Dragon of the Deeps myself (I actually changed it 3 times and even had to restitch 6 inches of border when I decided to go with a different fabric!)

    Hang in there... I promise that you will like the results once it is all done. Be sure to reward yourself along the way!