Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some More Completed....


Round Robin News - I've been giving my needle a lot of miles lately. I finished up a round robin (for America's Best Round Robin Yahoo group) that was of a cute stocking and totally forgot to take a picture of the piece and the part I completed. For the same round robin group, I completed my part on the next gal's piece, the third shelf down in the country cabinet. Quite a cute and quick little finish - I applaud those that think to send little projects - they are such a welcome break from tedious round robin stitching sometimes! I am now working on for even the next gal on the list, Valerie Pfeiffer's Chorus Line, this is such a cute and quick chart to stitch, I may have to break down and order a piece of hand dyed aida to stitch for myself. I just love those little birdies singing and bitching at each other!

Personal Stitching News - I have been spending all my spare time on the Winter Wildlife stocking from Stoney Creek. This is my progress so far. I have to rip out the Whitetail Deer's antlers as I offset them somehow - must have been too tired when I started them - always a mistake lol! My husband absolutely **loves** the black bear, so I just may give this one to him for his Christmas stocking and buy myself this ~~awesome~~ dragons sleeping by the fire stocking that I've had my eye on...................look even my husband is an enabler of sorts!!!!! This piece is getting a little tedious, as I forgot how often the Stoney Creek designs like to switch colors, and also that previous issue with the look-a-like symbols is still haunting me! I may have to take a break and work on something else for a bit.....

In Other News.......

It has been miserable and raining all day, so we have about 2 inches of ice on top of 6 inches of new snow we got yesterday. YUCK! I plan on spending the rest of the day finishing up my part on Chorus Line, and making a homeade macaroni & cheese and a pork loin for dinner. A comical picture of Doobie the Red Nosed Pitbull to make everyone laugh:

Doobie the Red Nosed Pitbull trying to be people :)


  1. Susan in ID (ILCS)January 7, 2009 at 3:24 PM

    I love your stocking. It will be well worth the effort. I can see why your DH likes it.

  2. The Stoney Creek things are pretty, but they do like to use LOTS of colors and blended shades too! Your stocking looks awesome so far!