Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Driveway IS Plowed!

Can you believe it? LOL the driveway is plowed! Scott caught the farmer, Jimmy, that has lived across from my dad (a mile down the road from me) his whole life to come up and dig us out with his tractor. OMG I'm so excited I don't have to walk across a huge snowbank to get to the car (behind the car is the road and I apologize for this picture, my husband grabbed the camera before I could!):



I took a picture of the Dragon Dreams ornament that I kitted up to get started - I got the basting done around the fabric and got Santa's face stitched, although it's so light it's hard to see. So cute!

I got up this morning, my shoulder and back still sore from pushing out the first plow guy (see story on previous blog entry entitled "I Officially Hate Winter" ROFL!), and realized I was out of every drug I could possibly have. No Ultracet (which I've been taking daily for 6 years), out of Percocet and any hydro's. Oh Lord. Luckily one of my friends has hydro's and he ran a few over to get me through until I can get a refill. I don't go back to my doctor until February 20th, and I did call the prescription nurse the other day for refills, but I never got a call from the pharmacy, so that tells me they haven't done anything with my message yet. For those that don't know me, I started out in 2001 with a torn rotator cuff and I had surgery to repair that and for them to shave off some of the bone on my shoulder because it was cutting into a nerve. Here it is 2009 and I still have a torn rotator cuff, well, torn again rather; the morale of the story is if I don't have medication, I am worthless to even be motivated out of my chair and can't concentrate enough to stitch. So our friend Mike saved me this weekend.

I'm going to post some pictures later of the cleaned up driveway - it's always good for a laugh to see how much snow we actually have. It's ridiculous here. We have a bank that is literally 20 feet high. Ugh.

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