Monday, January 26, 2009

Life Happenings

General Life News.... On Saturday we acquired another snowmobile, this one is pretty and when he gets something new it will downgrade to mine LOL.

We were supposed to get another storm, the last few days have been just really cold and windy as hell - temps last night when I let the dogs out were around 6 above, thanks to my trusty digital inside/outside thermometer!

My stupid oven is broke down, Saturday I was trying to cook dinner when I heard the gas in the oven going "hissssssss" - that couldn't have been good! I called today and got a guy that will come out and fix it, he said it will probably be around $100 or so, so I will call him back when I scrape up that $$!

Our old Siamese kitty, Meezer is at the end of his life. I moved into this house in October of 2003 and at the end of November, I almost ran Meezer over in the road in front of the house. I put an ad in the paper and no one would claim him so he became part of the household. I took him to the vet and he was in bad shape, he showed up declawed and neutered, and starving from being outside on his own for so long. The vet advised that he may not make it, but here we are over 5 years later. Here are som pictures of him this past summer out by the pond, he is all skin and bones now and his little leg muscles have atrophied, so we have an appointment tomorrow morning to put him to sleep. He's comfy for now and he'll get some turkey later. If it wasn't for me, he would have died in the cold, at least he had a nice life while he was here with us.

Yikes, my 15 year old daughter has a new boyfriend. He's a guitar player. Also, my stupid iPod does not want to work on this computer for some reason. Sierra plugs hers in and this computer wants to sync her iPod with the music I have on my list, but on her computer it wants to sync mine. Now this is a dilemma, because mine is a larger gig iPod, and Princess Sierra seems to think that her and I should just trade iPods, although hers is a smaller model LOL! I'll probably make her give me her savings toward her new one (which is like $30) and give her my current iPod and just go buy a new one for my damn self when I get my taxes back instead.

Here's a picture of Sierra going to Homecoming last fall:

Stitching-wise...... I started another small ornament out of the Just Cross Stitch ornament edition yesterday, although I can't tell you what year this one was from as I photocopied a working copy out of the magazine and don't have it sitting in front of me. It's a Lynn's Prints chart that has little cardinals sitting on the branches of a pine tree - so very cute! I can't wait to finish this one.


  1. Sorry to hear about your kitty. I had a kitty that got hit on the road in front of the house and the poor guy crawled to the backdoor (where he knew we'd see him) and laid there in agony until I got home from work. I didn't think he'd make it either! He did though, for a few years anyway.

    Hope your oven gets fixed soon. What a PITA, eh? LOL

    Nice sled!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Kitty. Nice snowmobile.

  3. I've had several siamese and they certainly have the personalities. We just put our 16 yr old one down this past fall. Good luck with the 15 yr old....been there done that. Hope you get your stove fixed soon!

  4. I am so sorry about your kitty.

  5. Sorry to hear about Meezer, it must be a sad time for you. xxxx

  6. Sorry to hear about Meezer, but at least he's been happy and won't suffer. Hope the oven is fixed soon. Love the pic of your DD - too cute.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Meezer. At least he will pass on knowing that he was and is loved.
    The snowmobile is pretty! I hope that you get it soon. As for your DD and the IPOD, LOL...won't go there. My DD and I have the same IPOD but mine has more memory and she wants mine too.